Hr Conference On Organizational Execellence Through The Power Of Human Capital


Date – 7th October 2017

The competitive environment of the 21 century where most competition is global and innovation is the need of the hour, change becomes the core competency of any organization Human Capital can play an important role in helping organizations achieve change. Human Resource has always been central to organization. Today, it has taken on an even more central role in building a firm’s competitive advantage. The dynamics of change becomes one of the central facets of any business where the role, function and process of Human Resource must be redefined in the context of change. Human Resource Strategies and practices explain how to manage the transition smoothly, rapidly and successfully and make the organisation competitive and reach excellence. For every organization, human resources (HR) are like their treasured assets. In order to faster the employee performances, efforts should be directed to treat them carefully and effectively. Every entity wants to attract and retain talented employees to work for them at top levels. Hence, it is very difficult to achieve organizational objectives without managing human resources effectively.

The International Conference oriented to highlight the importance of human resource management for every organization be it government or private. There is no doubt that the conference has brought out the essence of the theme “Organizational Excellence through the power of human capital” in all its aspects and that too in a brilliant manner. The theme is so relevant in today’s context especially when HR as a function is facing lot of challenges and transition.

There was a time when employee management was once referred as workforce management, and then transformed to Personnel Management. Later the same transformed into human resource management and then Human Capital. And now it is Talent Management. In some organization HR is referred as Business partner and that is more strategic in nature. No doubt, HR has now become more dynamic and crucial to the success of the organization in creating excellence. And increasingly the organizations have started realizing that any mistake on this could be a costly one.
We had many leaders from different industry giving their views and perspective on the dynamics of HR. It is very interesting to note that these views came from multiple industry right from an Aircraft manufacturing company, Consulting, Insurance, Consumer durables and to Software

IILM Institute for Business and Management,Gurgaon organised an International HR conference on the topic:“Organizational Excellence through the Power of Human Capital” on 7th October 2017.

The day of conference began with all zeal and extol by lighting the lamp in the presence of our esteemed guest, Dr. Aquil Busrai, Mr, Anshu, Mr. V.P.Singh, participants from the corporate and academic sectors along with the IILM members.


Dr.Sujata Sahi lighting the lamp


Dr. Aquil Busrai lighting the lamp.

Conference started with the welcome speech given by Dr.P. Mala Rvizhi, Director Academics, IILM. She extended her warm welcome towards all the respected speakers of the conference with all fervour of gratitude and gaiety.
Starting with the conference topic “Organizational Excellence through the Power of Human Capital”, Dr. Pinky Goswami briefed the objective of the conference and gave a brief recapitulation of the HR Conference of 2016. In her speech, she stressed on giving importance to the concept of collective intelligence in order to bring about organizational excellence. She also remarked the need to cultivate a strong sense of team spirit, wherein each member will complement each other for organizational success.


Dr. Pinky Goswami addressing the audience

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Aquil Busrai, our esteemed Key note speaker – A man with exceptional knowledge about Human Resource and having an array of experience serving in the field of HR for more than 4 decades.Today, Mr Busrai owns his own consulting firm named “Aquil Busrai Consulting”. Mr. Busrai keeping his view point stated “Improvise-Adapt-Adopt” and deal with status quo of technology advancement, keeping hands on now HR people recharge the human capital for organisation.


Plenary session: Leading the conference ahead plenary session begins.

Mr. Paramjit Singh Lamba, AVP HR, Orient Craft Pvt. Ltd. addressed the audience in the Plenary Session about the skill sets required for the future. He discussed about work life in future in which he told about the attributes which a company would be looking in a candidate in the future including social intelligence, new media literacy, etc. He also told how the export sector is the most affected sector by recent government reforms.

Mr. Dhananjay Singh, Director General NHRDN putting his view point said that focussing on Investing in good habits and ability to work in a team is all about organizational excellence through human capital.

Mr. V.P.Singh, Advisor OD Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd , Human capital leader with proven credentials for building process driven, people centric & customer focused organisations continued the session and said that “Fanatic discipline; Monomaniacal Creativity that is empirical and Productive Paranoia are required to be great”.

Mr. Ashutosh Anshu, General Manager, Head HR, Hitachi India addressed the session and enlightened the young PGDM students with his viewpoint. He said, “You can’t do today with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow”. He also spoke about how to adopt today’s changes into our everyday lives. He stressed on the point of “ASK”, Attitude, Knowledge and Skill.

Session 1: Raising the Bar of Human Resources Management

Dr. Saima Rizvi, session moderator for the session welcomed the entire respected HR professional and talked about how Humana Resources Management is raising its bar from traditional shift to Strategic shift in the modern age.

Speakers of the Session were:

Ms. Ruma Batheja: Head Human Resource Knowledgetics and she talked about “Raising the bar through Inno-Create People Management Skills; Collaborating Humanity and Technology; Emotional and Organizational wellbeing.”

Mr. Gautam Rao: AVP Max Life stated”Four pillars required to raise the HR bar

1. Build Talent Pipeline and Capability
2. Enhance Business Performance
3. Innovate HR Excellence
4. Inspire Engagement”.

Corporate Paper presenter: Ms Shefali Bahi shah, Head HR Exicom presented a paper on “Impact of Organizational competencies on organizational performances in manufacturing industry”

Student Speakers: Sefali Mittal (PG 2017-2019, IILM Gurgaon) spoke on the changes in HR from the traditional world to the world of the Millennial. Ms. Ruchi Singh (PG 2016-2018, IILM Gurgaon) spoke on how technology becomes a boon to the world of HR.

Session two: Redesigning workforce for 21st Century Manager

Dr Vidhisa Vyas, session moderator for the session briefed the session explaining the need and redesigning demand for the workforce and work culture in 21st century

The session picked up steam with the topic 21st century manager Ms. Divya Jain, Director Grant Thornton talked about the Workplace for the Human Age. She said today’s workforce is even more powerful than their company itself. They decide the fate of the company and are very keen on learning. Hence, the most required thing in today’s era is an open and honest feedback which can lead to the betterment of the workforce which in turn can increase the output.

Ms. Anju Sabhrawal, Founder and CEO, People Bridges talked about Well-developed and embedded cultures that are the key to redesigning the workforce.

Mr. Ajay Mehra, Managing Director in South Asia of Airbus. He expressed how we first need to identify ourselves and then other employees as an HR manager. First we need to follow and then only implement the rules. He also talked about the sustained expansion of the service industry in today’s era.

Paper Presenter: Ms.Monika, Junior Research fellow from Jamia Millia Islamia presented a research paper on workplace spirituality and its impact on workforce. She emphasized how employee satisfaction is more important than consumer satisfaction.

Student Speaker: Charu Goswami (PG 2016-2018, IILM Gurgaon) talked about how vision leads the company. Whatever is the employees’ vision about his life is sufficient to judge his role in the company.
International student Paper Presentation: Neil from Sweden said, “Human Resources is the most important in India as here there are too many people involved as opposed to developed lands where more machines are involved”.

Session 3: Managing People Performance through HR Analytics


Organising Team

This session focused on people performance through analytics that is so critical in today’s competitive job market with Dr. Sona moderating the session.

Mr. Deepak explained how we are between a cusp of technology and globalization and in the middle is HR. He also said whatever was difficult for the computer to understand has been made easy by humans through emotions. Hence, it is important to understand the needs and sentiments of the employees for better performances.
Mr. Gaurav Bakshi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner explained how predictive analytics in HR is the need of the hour today. He said future skills, future needs are to be anticipated by the HR keeping in mind both inside and outside factors.

Similar views were expressed by Ms. Malabika Bose, HR Head, Blackberry. She shared a quote relating to whatever gets measured gets managed and whatever gets managed gets executed. She also gave insight about the three stages of HR analytics namely predicting, analysis and reporting.
Ms. Prerna spoke about the transparency needed in the culture of the company which can only be brought by the HR.Towards the end, Mr. Siddharth Dutta a first year PGDM student presented a paper in which he focused on the Maslow’s theory in the Indian Context.

We, at IILM consciously make an effort to bring the industry and academia together, through such conferences and we will continue to strive for the same in future. On the behalf of IILM gurgaon, Prof Siva Ram Krishna delivered the vote of thanks to all the privileged guests, corporate jargons and students of IILM for their contribution in making the conference all a grand success.


Organising Team

Conference Patron: Dr. Sujata Shahi
Conference Chair : Dr. Pinky Goswami
Conference Scientific Committee: Dr. P.Mala and Dr. Saima
Student Core Committee Members:
PG1: Shefali Mittal, Massom Garg, Nayan Saluja, Megha Mathur, Manan Porwal,Rishabh, Chirag, Alisha Suraj Gulati, Ketan Patwari, Harshit, Aman Godaria,Venika
Social Media Team : Ruchi Singh,Sunit Raj, Harbind Singh, Priya Gupta (PG 2016-2018)
Report Compiled By : Dr. Pinky Goswami, Prof. Rachna Madaan, Ms. Manya and Ruchi Singh (PG 2016-2018).


Student Engagement activities classes at IILM Gurgaon

Work-life balance is the quintessential need in today’s day and age. For some its taking time out to pursue a hobby and letting go of all the worries.

Keeping this in mind, Student Engagement activities have been organized after classes at IILM Gurgaon.

A game of Volleyball became the breather in the day for some of the students while for the others, Badminton was the sport that helped rejuvenate them.

One of the most loved activities was the movie screening of ‘Conjuring’ which kept everyone gripped onto their seats.

The making of a Video on ‘Life as a Management student’ got some students excited to display their hidden talent and share some special moments at IILM Gurgaon.

To kick-start the weekend and to help ease off the week’s stress, a Dance Workshop on Hip-Hop was been scheduled

Stay posted for more!

Holi Celebrations at IILM Gurgaon

Holi Celebrations at IILM Gurgaon

The festival of color always rings with the spirit of joy at IILM. Utsav – The Cultural Club at IILM Gurgaon brought students, faculties and staff members to dance and enjoy the Festival of Holi. The festival was celebrated in full fervor right before the students went off for their break.

The lawns were sprayed with the vibrant colors that the students and staff members greeted each other with. Gujiya, Cutlets and Thandai added flavor to the celebration as it proved to be the perfect end to the day.

It was interesting to see the International students and faculty enjoying the festival in full spirit as they blended with the Indian culture.

The celebration ensured that students from across the Post Graduate Program got a chance to network and enjoy with the students from the Under Graduate Programs.

The day was truly special for all at IILM Gurgaon, which left memories to be treasured for a lifetime!

Foreign students celebrating Holi at IILM Gurgaon

Students from the Semester exchange program celebrating Holi at IILM Gurgaon

Sports Fun at IILM Gurgaon

Sports Fun at IILM Gurgaon

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” Buddha

Student Engagement has always added a different flavor to campus life at IILM Gurgaon. There are innumerable opportunities to develop current interests or to try out novel ones, during the stay at IILM Gurgaon. But a game of Volleyball or Cricket has always been  considered as the most preferred activity by the students in IILM Gurgaon, which eases the stress of the entire day. Keeping this in mind, Wednesday, 11th March 2015 was dedicated towards conducting Sports activities at the campus.

Amidst the buzz of classes and assignments, students across the Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs, were excited to participate in the recently held Volleyball, Basketball and Cricket matches.

While the students from the Undergraduate program won the Cricket Match, the game of Volleyball and Basketball got the scores equal between the two teams.

Students and faculty members watched with excitement and cheered the teams they supported.

The games continued till the evening and left the campus buzzing with a contagious zeal.

IILM Placement Week 2014 – Industrial Visit to Vaango

IILM Placement Week 2014 – IILM Gurgaon

Industrial Visit to Vaango

Excitement and enthusiasm soared high amongst the PGDM Batches of 2013-15 and 2014-16 on the 4th day of the Placement Week. It was a step away from the class room sessions, which gave an insight into the practical reality of a QSR chain – Vaango.

The Food Services Market is currently divided into six formats, viz. Frozen dessert (including Ice Cream and frozen yogurt), Café (including Bakery), QSR (quick service restaurants), CDR (casual dine restaurants), FDR (fine dine restaurants) and PBCL (pub, bar, club, and lounge) and is projected to grow to INR 408,040 Crore by 2018. Thus to expose the students to the latest upsurge in this sector, an Industrial Visit was conducted at ‘Vaango’  – a South Indian QSR chain, home brand of the well-known Devyani International Ltd. (DIL is a leading franchisee holder of popular QSR’s such as KFC, Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee). Established in 2010, the restaurant has blended a contemporary look to the outlet with elements to highlight the grandeur of the traditional South Indian cuisine. A noteworthy aspect is that while the international players focus on a single cuisine,  the Indian menu focuses on multiple cuisines and is skewed towards vegetarian food. Hence the DIL group requires attention to the international brands of KFC, Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee and need to adopt a separate approach towards their own, all vegetarian brand, Vaango.

The students were taken to the largest outlet of Vaango in Sector 29, Gurgaon which gave them a chance to witness the action at a retail store. The visit began with a session presided over by Ms. Malabika Gupta, Brand and Marketing Manager at DIL. The session provided an insight into the Retail industry with special reference to the challenges and opportunities for QSR’s in India. Ms. Gupta further delved on some of the key verticals that the group operates under including Customer Relationship Management at Vaango, the advertising strategies adopted and the profiles that they look for when hiring under each vertical. The ‘8 Step Customer Touch Point Journey of a Brand’ provided some wonderful tips for a fresher looking for a career in service marketing.

Harping on the importance of social media, the students were required to come up with a suitable strategy for the brand ‘Vaango’. The best ideas would be rewarded with certificates of appreciation by the company.

It was interesting to note the feedback received from the students themselves:

“Though the reporting time was very early in the morning, none of us were late at all. Such was the level of excitement among us. The visit to Vaango raised our expectations for the final day of the placement week” – Abhishek Sarkar (PGDM Batch of 2014-16)

“Being present at the outlet provided the best learning possible. The vibrant environment of the restaurant clearly depicted the communication of the brand values” – Juhi Bajaj (PGDM Batch of 2014-16)

The visit familiarized the students to the secrets of a marketer’s success, the need to distinguish themselves and stand out in the corporate world and opened their minds to the job opportunities available in the Retail sphere.

International Partner’s Meet 2015 – A Fusion of Cultures

Partners at LR

The International Partners Meet held at IILM, from the 7th-10th of January 2015, was a great platform to interact and network with IILM’s partner’s spread across several countries. Our partner’s from across international boundaries participated enthusiastically and expressed their intent to attend the event annually.

The first day began with a traditional Indian welcome followed by a special session on the evolution and insight into the sphere of Education from the Indian and Global perspectives. These sessions were delivered by Mr. Arun Kapoor (Director, Vasant Valley School) and Ms. Shobha Mishra Gosh (Sr. Director, FICCI Higher Education). The partner’s got an opportunity to meet with the Management of IILM and network with each other.

The partner’s also attended the 2 day PRME Conference held at the IILM Lodhi Road campus and also had the opportunity to interact with the participants and faculty who were attending the IILM International Short Term Programme University of Technology Sydney, Australia and Queensland University of Technology Queensland, Australia from the recent Short Term Program being held at IILM. The International Short Term Programmes have been highly appreciated by many of our partner’s

The feedback received by the partner’s was truly overwhelming. Ilse Kuijpers from HZ University of Applied Sciences stated “It was my first time in India and I was very well pampered and taken care of at IILM. I look forward to come back”. While Alain Ouvrieu from Ecole De Management Normandie, said that “This was the most hassle-free trip ever!”

The partner’s got a splash of flavors from the Indian sub-continent through their visit to Kingdom of Dreams where they got to watch the Bollywood inspired performance, ‘Zangoora’. Exploratory excursions around Delhi and Agra was highly appreciated by the partner’s. The trip to Delhi covered visits to Qutab Minar, India Gate, Red Fort and finally Delhi Haat. Of course a trip to India would not be complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal. The partner’s were captivated by the beauty of the man-made monument!

We thank our partners for their participation and look forward to more of such opportunities to network with each other. Special thanks to those who could make it from:

• Ecole De Management Normandie, France

• Burgundy School of Business, France

• HZ University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

• Geneva Business School, Switzerland

• ISM Germany

• SolBridge International School of Business, South Korea

Beyond everything else, the Partner’s and those at IILM established a special bond leaving behind memories to be cherished for a lifetime…until next time!

Band Baaja Dandiya 2014

Band Baaja Dandiya 2014

The auspicious festival of Navratra’s was celebrated beautifully at the IILM Gurgaon campus with ‘Band Baaja Dandiya’. The event was organized by Utsav – The Cultural Club where the students from the Undergraduate and Post graduate programs were seen enjoying the festival in full fervor with the faculties, staff and alumni. The event truly created a buzz in the city as was seen on the popular blogs in Gurgaon

The evening began by offering prayers to Goddess Durga. This was complemented by a special performance by the students from a nearby village who sang Shri Ganeshji’s Aarti.

The college band kick-started the evening by their musical performance, while the girls and boys of the PGDM Batch of 2014-16 & 2013-15 came together with an enthralling dance performance which set the mood for the audience to bring out their Dandiya sticks

The evening could not be complete without the performance of Mannat – The Band who brought the attention of the crowd and made them sway to the beats of their music.

The scrumptious Navratra food was enjoyed by all present at the event while the popular ‘Band Baaja Dandiya’ frame caught everyone’s attention as they clicked photographs with those present, and took back memories to be remembered forever!

All the special moments can be revisited by logging on to our Institute’s Facebook Page: