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” I have always believed  success, in life, is most easily measured by the number of days you are truly happy.”  Our mindset and optimistic attitude towards life decides everything we come across.

Standing at the edge of human existence, a realization dawns on us that how temporary and uncertain our lives can be. To make our lives more fulfilling we need to create the right mindset which encompasses positive thinking. Think positive and positive things will happen.

Unfortunately we block our energy fields with negative thoughts. You don’t need to know the future as it is in your own hands. There comes a time when you need to have absolute faith in oneself and be sure, destiny will unfold your true path and purpose in this lifetime.

It is therefore extremely important that we channelize our energies to create positivity around us to make our work and life more fulfilling and motivating.

The present environment if has put restrictions, it has also opened up our inner doors of self reflection ,where we need to reflect upon ourselves in ways that we can decide what can be the path of our lives, which manifests in our well- being that would impact our personal and professional relationships as we are spending maximum time these days with ourselves and our family.

When we are going through a difficult situation and feel like running away from it, all we need to think and do is to replace that thought of ‘running away’ with the thought of ‘finding a way’. Let us use this difficult situation as a platform to take an extra step of faith in our lives. Let us take off and face the situation and move towards creating a positive change.

Let’s talk about a handful of simple practices that can be helpful in being more decisive and give direction to positive thinking.

  1. Create Realistic Expectations for Yourself

The problem lies when we expect from others and somewhere hold others responsible for what we desire in life. When you set realistic expectations from yourself and fulfill them it gives you strength to be self reliant in life. Eg. Develop a skill for which you are responsible, create happiness for yourself. Don’t wait for someone to make you happy.

  1. Never compromise on Values

There should be at least one strong value that you possess that you have never compromised on. End of the day it gives you inner strength and satisfaction.

  1. Don’t accept fear as a part of life

Conquer any one fear of yours. The more you run away the stronger the fear gets. Face it and kill it.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Enjoy every moment of your existence. The way you speak to each person, what you eat, what you smell, every breath of yours enjoy it. Imagine if there was no tomorrow. Live each day as if it is your only day to give to the cosmos. You will realize a sense of enthusiasm gushing in pushing you to do so much in life.

  1. Value Relationships

This is what you have earnt in life so value your personal relationships and nurture your professional relationships. Honesty in work and loyalty in relationships take you a long way.

   “Optimism is a happiness magnet”

 See what kind of people & situations draw

      Towards you. This will be a clear indicator of how you view yourself.

“  “Be the change you wish to see in others”

Embrace – Warp to Entrepreneurship: Marketing Conference

In the recent years, an invincible startup movement has unfolded within our country. India has caught the eyes of the world as it is now home to second most tech startups after China and the ranking in number of total startups puts our country in top 5, globally.
IILM Graduate School of Management and Bizzino strategist presented “EMBRACE” the Marketing Conference on 27/2/2018. The conference aimed at providing students, access world class technology veterans, startup ecosystem, startup founders and their stories and more.

After a brief introduction to the conference, the inaugural session began with inspiring words from Dr. Sanchita Ghosh, Area chair Marketing, and Prof. Arun Gupta, Area chair Entrepreneurship.
The session started with the address from our key note speakers, Mr. Anupam Saronwala and Mr. Sameep Singhania. Mr. Saronwala is an expert of Internet of Things (IOT). He emphasized on the importance of exposure to new technologies for a start up to thrive and survive. He said that convincing investors to finance the venture is very critical and is becoming difficult with each passing day. However, he considered three areas, which if given substantial thought and actions taken accordingly, funding would not be a problem. 
The first area was the team. While building the team, an entrepreneur should have people from multiple disciplines and everyone should have domain expertise. The next was that the target market size should be large enough to boil down to a good amount of target customers. 
He then introduced the audience with the third and the most important point that an entrepreneur should be aware of the fact that his product/service can be easily replicated, if not patented. So there must be a differentiator in the product/service which minimizes the chances of duplication.
The enthusiastic pace set by Mr. Anupam was followed by that of Mr. Sameep Singhania, who through his insightful explanations proved his expertise in the area of block chain development and consultant. He helped the audience understand how block chain functions. He clarified that bitcoin is just one of many applications of block chain. He further added that this is going to be the future of technology, one that will become a necessity for every business. 
As this is an area where youngsters are really interested in so the address was interactive and Mr. Singhania facilitated the understanding of all concepts that came up in the form of questions from the young minds or the future entrepreneurs who were attending the conference.

The Inaugural session set the theme for the conference. The first speaker of the second session was Mr. Pranav Jha, who runs a startup community on facebook named “Startup Noida”. He emphasized on the power of digital groups, Facebook pages and communities. He added how influence marketing starts off as an activity and then it becomes a trend and that it is possibly the best way of creating awareness about the startup and captures the attention of angel investors.
This was followed by the interaction with Mr. Shashank Singhania, a digital marketing consultant. He threw light on the concept of native marketing and how its use is spreading across digital platforms. He further added that even though some digital products are free, it is difficult to get people to try them. He explained how becoming digital is important for a business as a digital technology can facilitate tracking any information. He then introduced a concept of smart marketing in which fake reviews of a product is added by the company itself to facilitate sales.
Then we had our last panelist for the conference, Mr. Harpreet Singh, who started his address by introducing the concept of startup ecosystem. Then he mentioned some of the common challenges almost every startup faces at the time of its initiation and first few months of survival. He said that it is difficult to find the right mentors and right manpower and dealing with customer non acceptance and family pressure is no easy task. He informed the audience of the A-Z list for the success of a startup where A stands for Attitude and Z stands for Zeal of the entrepreneur. He ended his address by quoting a very famous dialogue of movie 3 Idiots ‘Chase excellence, success will follow’.
This marked the end to the conference after a brisk question answer round between the panelists and the students.

Celebrating Second Convocation of the SBS Swiss Business School Graduates at IILM, Lodhi Road

IILM, a forerunner of International Undergraduate Programs in India since 1996, achieved another milestone on October 31st 2017. Second Batch of the students pursuing their BBA in Entrepreneurship were conferred their graduate degree of SBS Swiss Business School. It was indeed a proud moment for SBS Swiss Business School, as well as for IILM to see their students, dressed in ceremonial robes, eager to receive the Degree.

The convocation ceremony was held at the Lodhi Road Campus at 3.00 PM. The proceeding started with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Prof Bert Wolfs, Dean, SBS Swiss Business School.

The academic procession comprising the Undergraduate Faculty Members was led by Dr. Daisy Mathur Jain, Dean of the Undergraduate Business School (UBS). Recitation of Saraswati Vandana by the students of Banyan Tree School and lighting of the lamp by Prof. Bert Wolfs, Dr. Shuchi Agrawal (Director UBS), Dr. Jain and Izabela Karanfiloska, (Program Manager, MBA, SBS Swiss Business School) marked the beginning of the event.

Dr. Jain embraced the presence of graduands, parents and guests and delivered her welcome speech.

Dean’s Message to the Students

It is a matter of pleasure and great honour that we have gathered here for the graduation ceremony of the Bachelors of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) SBS Swiss Business School.  On behalf of IILM Undergraduate Business School, I extend warm greetings and welcome you all to this very solemn and at the same time a joyous and fulfilling occasion.

This day is important for students as well as the Institute.  It is indeed a proud moment for us to see  young  ladies and gentlemen coming  out  with  flying  colours  and all set to  begin  a  new  journey. As   young   graduates,   you   are   about   to   embark   on   your   own extraordinary   journey   and   create your   own   life   adventures. I congratulate you for the hard work that you have put in during these three years. A new chapter is about to begin.  A myriad of new challenges and options are on your horizons. There are several paths that you all must have decided to pursue now after graduation – like starting your own entrepreneurship journey with your fresh ideas, or furthering your family business or pursuing higher education. No matter what path you choose – THINK BIG! That is how you will succeed. I urge you to be focused and serious while trying to achieve your goals. However, in this process don’t make your life too serious. Make it a habit to be happy while you solve all your difficulties in life. This is only the beginning.

Do keep coming to your Alma Mater and share your success stories with us. Congratulations once again.

The Dean took the permission of the Chief Guest to declare the Convocation open. She welcomed and introduced Prof Bert Wolfs- Academic Dean, SBS Swiss Business School. Prof Wolfs is a PhD, MDP (Harvard Graduate School of Education) and a founding member of SBS Swiss Business School and holds the position of the Academic Dean and DBA Program Manager at the Institution. Dr. Wolfs also is a lecturer on SBS educational programs with a special interest in entrepreneurship and e-commerce, and holds the Albert Einstein Peace Award from IAEWP. Furthermore, he is a certified lecturer of Swiss Vocational Education Training (VET) students. Dr. Jain also introduced Izabela Karanfiloska, Program Manager –SBS Swiss Business School.

This was followed by a brief Address by Ms Izabela Karanfiloska who was happy to congratulate all the graduands. She emphasized that the Convocation Day stood as a moment of great pride for the students, and she wished success to all the young graduands.

Director’s Message to the Students

Members of IILM Board of Governors, Distinguished guests, proud parents, colleagues and dear graduating students.

On behalf of the IILM fraternity, I extend a very warm welcome to each one of you on the annual convocation for the Class of 2017. With pleasure I want to share that the year 2017 marks the 25th year of our legacy in education.

Our undergraduate program aims at inspiring students to be innovative in their thoughts and actions and to grow as entrepreneurs. Today India is brimming with ideas and energy.     At IILM, we do our best to energize this new generation so that our country can reach new heights of greatness.

Dear Students today marks the culmination of an enriching journey by you and also the beginning of a new, fascinating one. All of you have gathered here on this special occasion   but I see a lot of missing faces. Do you know why? I am proud to share that

30 of your batch-mates that is one third of the batch has got admission in various universities abroad for pursuing Masters. This is indeed a big achievement. Ashna Gupta is in University of Warwick, UK, Shrey Bharadwaj University of Leeds UK, Kunal Chugh in RMIT Australia, Krishan Katyal in Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France to name a few.

Many of you have started your own entrepreneurial venture.  Bhavaya has started Built Natural- Recycling plastic to make T- Shirts.- Tejas who is currently in University of Bristol UK  has created an app ‘Madfad’, Piyush Popli is working on bio-gas plant. Vishesh Jhalani on jewellery e-commerce site and Pranav Agarwal has started his own venture ECHO. Others have gone back to their family business and bringing in innovation there. We are indeed proud of you all.

IILM through various initiatives like Entrepreneurial Development Centre, Annual Higher Education summit, Centre for Excellence for family business and specialized mentoring is helping and guiding students to realize their aspirations and dreams.

I would now like to briefly highlight some of IILM’s major achievements during the last year.

I am proud to inform that in the EdUniversal rankings of best business schools in India, IILM has been ranked 10 in 3 Palmes of Excellence category for 2017. Headquartered in Paris, Eduniversal is a global ranking and rating agency specializing in higher education.

I am also proud to inform that IILM has been accorded the prestigious SAQS Reaccreditation by AMDISA for a period of 5 years. SAQS is an international system for quality assurance and accreditation, an EFMD supported initiative in South Asia. Only 15 Business schools in India have received this accreditation.

 IILM is a member of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative – “PRME”, and has earned the coveted ‘Champion business school’ status. This year in July during the Global Forum in New York, PRME launched the India Chapter. IILM is a Co-lead along with Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. This is indeed a great honour for us.

Our Gurgaon campus has applied for University status and I am happy to share that we are in the final stages of the process and very likely to get it soon. The university will focus on liberal education having schools in liberal arts, Management, Design, Technology and Innovation.

This year  as part of the IILM Global study program   our undergraduate students attended 3 week programs at Seneca college Canada and ISM  Germany where they studied modules on strategic management , Entrepreneurship  and innovation .The program also included visits to companies such as Porsche, Mercedez Benz ,Google, IBM and Bosch. The students found the experience very enriching. In the coming years we will continue to strengthen this initiative.

Our undergraduate program focuses on providing experiential learning to our students along with the regular management courses. We have introduced innovation weeks, held three times a year, with a special focus on social innovation. Courses like entrepreneurial case studies, family business management, small business field studies and regular  company visits help to inculcate in our students the skills required in today’s world.

Now to today’s event:

Dear Students, today you come to the end of a journey which you had started 3 years back!   I am sure you will miss the rush to reach the class on time, the assignments to be submitted, not to forget the thesis and number of reworks it required. Well you all did a commendable work and Shubham Gupta and Saachi Narang’s thesis has been published in SBS Journal of Applied Business Research. I would like to congratulate you .It is your hard work that brought you to this finishing line. I know this is a big day and you will enjoy and remember it. I would also like to congratulate the parents and families of the graduates. Your support to them was essential to what they have achieved. So it is your moment too to enjoy and remember.

Today you are set to embark on a new journey, a journey full of challenges and opportunities.  You should be willing to take on the challenges and capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. Draw inspiration from the famous lines by Steve Jobs “Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.” So be honest, be bold and believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet.

Once again Congratulations, Class of 2017. We are so very proud of you. Enjoy this momentous day and, as you go out into the world, please keep us in your hearts. You will be in ours.

Prof Bert Wolf’s Message to the Students


Prof wolfs delivering his congratulatroy address to the fresh graduates

Prof  Wolf’s delivering his congratulatory address to the fresh graduates


Respected members of IILM, dear ladies and gentlemen, dear parents, dear honourable guests….

Dear Students, Congratulations to the Class of 2017, you have made it!

Usually the Dean has to speak for hours, but the students are not actually interested any more in what the Dean will say. So, I will do my best to keep it short and simple.

It is an honourable day and a respectful day for you. It is definitely a day to remember. You belong now to the small part of the population worldwide which possesses the Bachelor’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. You have learnt how to manage risks, you know how to think risks, and how to diversify your risks. As your parents and grand-parents have always told you, don’t put all the eggs in the same basket!

Now, life is simple. Life often asks three kinds of questions- the first question that people usually ask is, “Where do you have your degree from? Do you have a degree?” As of today, you are in the possession of a well-respected degree. The second question people ask you is, “Which language do you speak?” You definitely must say that you have mastered the language of entrepreneurship today. Besides that, I encourage you to learn more languages. Language is an ice-breaker. Learn in twenty languages how to say “hello” and how to say “thank you”. The world doesn’t end in India. The world is broader than India. So, if you can break the ice with other people and other cultures, it’s always appreciated. And the third question they ask you in life is, “Who do you know? Don’t say you know me! Who do you know?” So, continue to expand your network, continue to interact with your professors and continue to interact with your classmates. But, also look and know who the alumni of last year are? And you may know that we have alumni all over the world. So, try to connect with these people because there are whole lot of opportunities for you. I wish you good luck with that.

I also would like to thank the administration of the Institution for their outstanding task which they have done this year and the previous year. We are proud to be associated with you. And also, dear Graduates, you should thank your faculty. Dhanyawaad (thank you)!

Dr. Jain then presented the candidates from IILM Undergraduate Business School to be admitted to the Degree of Bachelors of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, announcing the names in alphabetical order.

The Degree was handed over to one hundred and eleven qualifying graduates by the Chief Guest, and the candidates who could not receive the Degree in person were conferred the Degree in Absentia.

The Chairperson, Mrs. Malvika Rai was requested to give away medals and certificates to the meritorious students as follows:

Dr. Kulwant Rai Gold Medal for securing First Position in Academics was awarded to Shubham Gupta.

Dr. Kulwant Rai Silver Medal for securing Second Position in Academics was awarded to Nikunj Agarwal.

Awardees of the Special Prize for the Best Thesis Saachi Narang and Tejas Kumar. The Award was conferred upon Tejas Kumar in absentia.

Mrs. Malvika Rai, Chairperson IILM, conferring Dr. Kulwant Rai Gold Medal on Shubham Gupta for Academic Excellence

In the end, the Dean, IILM UBS sought permission from the Dean, SBS Swiss Business School and declared the ceremony closed. Then audience then rose for the National Anthem after which the Academic Procession and the fresh graduates assembled for group photographs.

All Graduates, parents and other invitees were welcomed to partake of high tea, during which the Management, the Director, the Dean and all the Faculty Members interacted with one another and shared their happiness and best wishes.





Become a Part of the IILM Alumni Network Leading the World

Long after our PGDM graduates leave IILM campuses, the alumni network that they became a part of continues to play a very crucial role in their professional and personal lives. Whether they are looking for good business leads or some job opportunities, are moving to a new city and building a social professional network, or for just about anything else, the IILM alumni network is there to help.

With over 9000+ alumni spread across 30 countries, the IILM alumni network is vibrant, engaged and growing with every passing day. The network is very active and passionate about helping each other. Many of the IILM alumni network testify that their career growth after IILM PGDM can directly be attributed to the alumni referrals and job postings on the network.

A lot of alumni also turn to the network for guidance and ideas on solving challenges that they confront at work. The collective input from IILM alumni network leads to faster and effective solutions. Organisations have come to deeply appreciate this and encourage their HR team to recruit more IILM graduates, from the alumni network as well as directly through placements.

With more than 9000 graduates as leaders in various entrepreneurial & managerial avenues: the IILM Alumni network is a diverse community of doers & achievers. The relationships that students will build and the support they will receive through Alumni will result into a lifelong professional & personal bond.

Hear from some of our graduates as what they have to say about the unique IILM PGDM experience.

Manish Kathuria IILM alumni“The IILM experience was truly fantastic.I still recall the multiple orientations which we have had at various corporates, which was the first brush with what was in store and helped in tuning ourselves better.”

– Manish Kathuria 
National Business Manager: Priority Banking

Kotak Mahindra Bank


Mohit Chopra IILM alumni“Globally benchmarked curriculum of IILM produces the vibrant, ambitious and  dynamic managers of future. I strongly believe IILM is building and fashioning entrepreneurs and leaders of future.”
– Mohit Chopra 
Product Head and Job fair and Events

Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times of India Group) – BCCL


Kapil Chanana IILM alumni“I have only great things to say about IILM. I can state with confidence that my life has truly changed because of the quality education and knowledge i gained from IILM through professionals on board & the senior faculty on campus.” 

– Kapil Chanana 

Marketing Leadership 
Coca Cola India Pvt Ltd


We want you to know that you won’t be alone in this big IILM academic journey!

A community of 9000 graduates spread across over 30 countries have been a part of the IILM PGDM programme.  We keep in touch with all of our alumni, and also organise IILM Annual Alumni Reunion & Felicitation every year to bring them all together.

Media highlights of IILM Annual Alumni Meet 2017 – 

All this sharing and exchanging of resources and opportunities, socio-professional interactions and a strong support system are not only rewards in themselves, but also serve a bigger purpose. This all contributes to build a strong sense of belonging and promote a mind-set of helping the IILM fraternity.

So, come on-board and become a part of the IILM alumni network leading the world!

Alumni Chapter Reunion @ IILM Gurgaon

Alumni of batch 2005 – 07 visited IILM Gurgaon campus on 24th December 2016 to celebrate Christmas Eve with the faculty members and students. The alumni came back to their alma mater after a decade.

It was an emotional evening as they went back memory lane and shared their journey of success with the current students. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you who could come for the reunion from various parts of India.

The evening started with a welcome speech by Dr. Sujata Shahi, Senior Director IILM. She spoke about how the Institute has evolved in the past one decade talking about the change in the teaching pedagogy. Prof. Ruchi Shah spoke about companies that come to campus now along with the packages and profiles these companies are offering. She also discussed the experiential courses offered by IILM for the students.

The IILM band performed for the alumni and made them dance and sing in the cafeteria. It was a great platform for networking as we had alumni working in top companies at high positions such as HDFC, Citibank, Hyatt Regency, Hurix Systems, Capital IQ, Capgemini, Colliers International to name a few. The PGDM students had a great time interacting with them and hearing their success stories.


Coffee with corporate: A Panel Discussion on Creating Customer Value in Digital Landscape

The marketing department of IILM- GSM organized a conference called , ‘Coffee with Corporate’,on 17th of September 2016. The event brought together some of the key professionals from almost all prominent companies to view the role of digitalization in India. It also provided a valuable networking opportunity and set the stage for further cooperation among academia Industry interface. The conference began with opening remarks by Marketing Area Chair, Dr Kriti Swarup and continued with interactive panel discussions, presentations and briefings on topics of interest to an excited gathering of students and faculty.

Session 1: Digital Wings to Marketing

Mr. Sumit Dave, NIIT Technologies was the keynote speaker for the event. He talked about how future is dominated by the emotions of the customer and to build an emotional connect with the customers, marketers need to build up trust with them. The session was chaired by Mr Suryadeep Verma, Head Marketing HCL Technologies who talked about digital marketing trends and its contributories in marketing. The session concluded with a panel discussion by noted panelists , Mr. Soumitro Ranjan Sen, Sr. Manager Genpact , Mr. Darpan Majumdar, Founder, FYNE Superfood , Ms. Aushi Senger , Digital Marketing Manager, GII R , Ms. Manya Jha, Founder, Morphedo , Mr. Vivek Rathore, Founder, Eyebridge Soft Solution Pvt. Ltd . The session was followed by an interesting Question and Answer session where the students asked the panelists compelling questions.

Session 2 : M- Commerce: The Game Changer & Marketing for a Digital Tomorrow

The keynote speaker was Mr Mausam Kalra, CEO, Lushtrip.com who talked on Global Digital Snapshots and high growth potential for M-Commerce. The panel comprising Mr. Vishesh Gupta, SVP, Net4 India Ltd , Mr. Lakshya Vij, Senior Vice Category Manager, Urban Clap , Mr. Mausam Kalra, CEO, Lushtrip.com, Mr. Sameer Saraf, Senior Category Manager, Paytm , Mr. Pramit Ghosh, Founder Cognitio Innovo discussed in great detail Marketing Automation , M-Commerce , Mobile Banking etc.

Closing remarks :

The session was concluded by Vote of Thanks given by Prof Anita Saxena who conveyed gratitude to all participants, session moderators, panelists and presenters along with students and faculty for their efforts in organizing such an educative conference. She expressed satisfaction with the interactive nature of the discussions while congratulating participants on the extensive networking that had taken place, which would continue going forward.

Life at IILM Campus

I, Bharti Goel, an IILM student pursuing PGDM course, 2015-17 batch.

It feels great to be a part of this esteemed institute. It’s not just a place which encourages us to dream big rather it’s a place where dreams come to life. The academic curriculum here is designed to give us umpteen opportunities to hone our skills especially the managerial expertise and help us evolve into and overall better individual. Furthermore, the spotlight of the course is the foreign exchange program.
During the inception of the course, students are drive to foreign countries as a part of foreign exchange program which helps concretely to provide exposure to outside world and be trained of culture and work environment there . In addition to it,Myriad of team building activities are held in our college which imbibes in us the importance of being a team player and makes us realize our core competencies. Our college encourage students to come up with new ideas and provides all the necessary help required by the individual in implementing that idea and bring it life. It really helps us to boost our confidence and sharpen our entrepreneurial acumen.

IMG-20150818-WA0003 IMG-20160311-WA0005

In today’s ever growing competitive world, it is essential for students to have the insight into current best industry practices. Our college realizes the necessity and organizes regular guest lectures from industry experts helping us to learn the current industry trends, best practices followed which gives us a beforehand experience of the future responsibilities that we are going to handle.

The faculty members here are highly erudite and ready to lend a hand. . It’s not just the learned information given to us but also they direct us to pertain concepts practically in the real world scenarios. The professors here take abounding efforts to endow us with utmost acquaintance through videos, ppts, articles,case studies. Moreover, there is a provision for faculty to reside in hostel which is all the more constructive when it comes to clearing any doubts. Faculty members staying in hostel are very cooperative and amicable.


We have a great campus with best infrastructure facilities available. The hostel is very comfortable with all the necessity amenities. It feels like home and at times you forget that you are not in hostel. Every hostel staff member is very cooperative like the guards are always there to help us whenever there is a need. Moreover the food provided is very nutritious and hygienic. Regular exercise sessions and yoga sessions are scheduled for us to ensure our good health

I have realized I can be anything in life and IILM is the place which exhorts you to live your dreams and follow your passion!

~ Bharti Goel
Batch of 2015-17

Alumni Engagement – Guest session by an alumni in the HR panel discussion

A HR Panel Discussion was held at IILM Gurgaon Campus on the topic “Working Agile – Understanding Workplace Changes and Adapting to them” on 11th March, 2016.

The speakers for the event were Mr. Shailesh Sigh, Business Head, People Strong HR Services and Ms.Vijaya Singh, Analyst, Gerson Lehrman Group; an alumni of IILM Gurgaon campus, batch 2011 – 13

The speakers shared their views on agile/flexible workplace strategy, resistance for change and solutions, how to adapt to changes at the workplace.

Our alumni, Ms. Vijaya Singh shared her experience as she progressed from college life to corporate life and how she managed this transition. She discussed how “agile working” is not new, but it is a “new way of working”. It can certainly be included under the umbrella term “smart working”, which is about utilizing the benefits gained from changing work practices, deploying new technologies and creating new working environments.

She also shared that one of the reasons agile working is difficult to pin down is that it’s not prescriptive – there is no one size that fits all – it has common themes but is essentially individual and involves choice in the how, what, where and when of working. The session was very interactive and was a great learning for the students. The students have asked for more such discussions from industry experts

Ms. Vijaya, prior to working with GLG has worked with Towers Watson for almost two years as Research Associate and has done her internship at Colliers –International and Dawn & Delight in the HR domain

She was very happy to come back to campus and share her experience with the post graduate students and is willing to come back for more such sessions and discussions and help in preparing the students for internships. She will also help us connect with Towers Watson for SIP and final placement

Guest session by Alumni

A guest lecture was organized as a part of the Alumni connect on 12/3/2016. The session was delivered by Mr. Nikhil Gupta and Mr. Vihav Abhey Ranjan, both alumni of IILM Graduate School of Management, batch 2007- 2009.

Mr.Nikhil and Mr. Vishav are currently associated with United Parcel Services as Strategic Account Manager and National Account Manager respectively. Mr. Gupta has been associated with American express and Matrix Cellular prior to his association with United Parcel Services. Mr. Ranjan has worked with American Express and Earth Infrastructure also.

Mr. Nikhil spoke to the students about the importance of SIP in the PGDM program and how students can benefit from the SIP. He discussed about the application of learnings from the SIP to the different courses. Mr. Gupta stressed upon the importance of selecting the right project during the SIP. He mentioned that the correct project can help the students in gaining in depth knowledge about the topic and also will help them to get an edge in the placement process. Also the SIP would help the students to understand the corporate culture and the expectations of the corporates from the fresh Management Graduates was stressed upon.

Mr. Ranjan discussed with the students about the initial learnings that the students should have from the organisations they would get associated with. He discussed about the difference in the work culture between a start up and an established brand. The students were made aware about the learnings that they would receive by joining a start up and the learnings from a brand. The iporatnce of networking with Alumni and professional associations was stressed upon by Mr. Vishav.

Both Mr. Ranjan and Mr. Gupta mentioned that General awareness, Communication skill, Knowledge about the sector and the job profile are very important factors for getting selected in an organisation either for SIP or final placement.

The session was highly interactive and very informative. Students interacted with Mr. Gupta and Mr. Ranjan after the session and took guidance on choosing the SIP and also for the selection of specialisation. They have agreed to mentor our students.

My Academic Stay at IILM & India

‪#‎IILMInternationalFaculty‬ in February | We welcome Prof. Gatien Beaunmont from #UniversityofLorraine, ‪#‎France‬ to IILM campus in the month of #February2016 to conduct one of the core electives in PG – Entrepreneurship and State & Society, as part of Social Enterprise. IILM is looking forward to have #InternationalFaculty on campus for discussions and corresponding learning with our fellow students. Know more about The IILM PGDM – www.iilm.edu #IILMPGDM #NewDelhi #NCR #BusinessModules #ForeignFaculty #InternationalFaculty #OnCampus #MBA #BSchools #ManagementStudies #BusinessEducation #LaplandUniversity #Finland #BuildingRelationships #PRMEConference #HR #OB #StrategicLeadership #Entrepreneurship #SocialEnterprise

A photo posted by IILM (@iilm) on

IILM invited Prof. Gatien Beaumont from The University of Lorraine, France to Greater Noida campus in the month of February 2016 as a international guest lecturer  to conduct one of the core electives in PG – Entrepreneurship and State & Society, as part of Social Enterprise. We decided to have one on one interaction with him, and ask about his experience in India and the IILM campus in particular. It was indeed a great opportunity for our fellow students and the staff to to know what he had to say about IILM as a B-School in India. We asked him a few questions, and received a quite an insight about his thoughts and teaching experience.

– What is the relevance of the Module taken by you at IILM?
I stayed during 3 weeks in the campus of Greater Noida to conduct a course called Social Entrepreneurship. I had 3 main objectives with this course.

First, the course allowed the students to discover social entrepreneurship. Starting from an analysis of the need of people in India and the development of a social company.

Second, i acknowledged the students how consulting companies use several tips to help the companies develop their business.

Third, the students were taught how to discover the business model canvas. A very innovative and play-full technique that allow to study the business model in the developing of a company, a product or a service.


– What is your say on Faculty and Infrastructure of IILM?
The campus of Greater Noida is quiet, secure and fully equipped place to study. The library contains a large number of different works and the subscription to the business press allow to obtain current information.

– Tell us something about IILM’s Campus Life.IMG_3750

My stay of three weeks allowed me to take some time out to know the teachers and the students of IILM. I discovered a welcoming, passionate and involved educational team and respectful workers, and interesting bunch students.

– What do you think about India, and any experience so far that you would like to share with us.

This trip was my first time in India. India is an incredible country. A huge country made of contrasts. If you ask me what impressed me most in India, I would answer immediately  « The People ! » They are welcoming, generous, and open-minded people. It sometimes amuses me to say that during my stay in the IILM I learned as much as I taught.

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