Embrace – Warp to Entrepreneurship: Marketing Conference

In the recent years, an invincible startup movement has unfolded within our country. India has caught the eyes of the world as it is now home to second most tech startups after China and the ranking in number of total startups puts our country in top 5, globally.
IILM Graduate School of Management and Bizzino strategist presented “EMBRACE” the Marketing Conference on 27/2/2018. The conference aimed at providing students, access world class technology veterans, startup ecosystem, startup founders and their stories and more.

After a brief introduction to the conference, the inaugural session began with inspiring words from Dr. Sanchita Ghosh, Area chair Marketing, and Prof. Arun Gupta, Area chair Entrepreneurship.
The session started with the address from our key note speakers, Mr. Anupam Saronwala and Mr. Sameep Singhania. Mr. Saronwala is an expert of Internet of Things (IOT). He emphasized on the importance of exposure to new technologies for a start up to thrive and survive. He said that convincing investors to finance the venture is very critical and is becoming difficult with each passing day. However, he considered three areas, which if given substantial thought and actions taken accordingly, funding would not be a problem. 
The first area was the team. While building the team, an entrepreneur should have people from multiple disciplines and everyone should have domain expertise. The next was that the target market size should be large enough to boil down to a good amount of target customers. 
He then introduced the audience with the third and the most important point that an entrepreneur should be aware of the fact that his product/service can be easily replicated, if not patented. So there must be a differentiator in the product/service which minimizes the chances of duplication.
The enthusiastic pace set by Mr. Anupam was followed by that of Mr. Sameep Singhania, who through his insightful explanations proved his expertise in the area of block chain development and consultant. He helped the audience understand how block chain functions. He clarified that bitcoin is just one of many applications of block chain. He further added that this is going to be the future of technology, one that will become a necessity for every business. 
As this is an area where youngsters are really interested in so the address was interactive and Mr. Singhania facilitated the understanding of all concepts that came up in the form of questions from the young minds or the future entrepreneurs who were attending the conference.

The Inaugural session set the theme for the conference. The first speaker of the second session was Mr. Pranav Jha, who runs a startup community on facebook named “Startup Noida”. He emphasized on the power of digital groups, Facebook pages and communities. He added how influence marketing starts off as an activity and then it becomes a trend and that it is possibly the best way of creating awareness about the startup and captures the attention of angel investors.
This was followed by the interaction with Mr. Shashank Singhania, a digital marketing consultant. He threw light on the concept of native marketing and how its use is spreading across digital platforms. He further added that even though some digital products are free, it is difficult to get people to try them. He explained how becoming digital is important for a business as a digital technology can facilitate tracking any information. He then introduced a concept of smart marketing in which fake reviews of a product is added by the company itself to facilitate sales.
Then we had our last panelist for the conference, Mr. Harpreet Singh, who started his address by introducing the concept of startup ecosystem. Then he mentioned some of the common challenges almost every startup faces at the time of its initiation and first few months of survival. He said that it is difficult to find the right mentors and right manpower and dealing with customer non acceptance and family pressure is no easy task. He informed the audience of the A-Z list for the success of a startup where A stands for Attitude and Z stands for Zeal of the entrepreneur. He ended his address by quoting a very famous dialogue of movie 3 Idiots ‘Chase excellence, success will follow’.
This marked the end to the conference after a brisk question answer round between the panelists and the students.

5 Insights From My First Year At IILM

Business school – a long cherished dream for many. When I received my acceptance letter from IILM, nearly a year ago, it was with a bit of trepidation and a lot of anticipation that I packed my bags. The learning would be deeply insightful and the experience very different from undergraduate college, I was told.

To be accepted into one of the top B schools in India is an honor and boy, was I ready to take it on!

Now that I have completed a year here, I think it is time to go back and reflect, to understand and assimilate the insights I have gathered over the past few months.

Defining my role:

The first thing that you expect to learn in a business school is how an organization, a business enterprise functions and your role in it. The numerous case studies we tackled, the interactions with pioneering entrepreneurs from across the country, however, taught me to define my role. Not merely in an organization but as a contributor to my immediate environment, to my society, and to the global community at large. “Am I making a difference?” This is the parameter that I shall now evaluate my actions by.

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From management to collaboration: 

As we stepped into IILM, teeming with our understanding of “management”, notions we had picked up at our undergraduate colleges, unlearning became as important as learning. Understanding the significant role of the collaborative approach in entrepreneurship and business development was an eye-opener. ‘Collaboration’ holds many connotations. It could mean something as simple as team building or something as diverse as bringing together people from across the globe on a common mission.

Address the people:

It is quite easy to get caught up in the mechanics of it all, to lose perspective and above all to ignore the human element. Every solution we design, every demand we meet; every enterprise is ultimately the answer to a human need. This is one key learning that has been emphasized at every step through this year at IILM. And when we speak of the human element, the focus certainly has to be on empathy. Be it a vendor, a stakeholder, a team member, or a client – empathy holds the answer.

Passion for Purpose:

They say how we feel is a true indicator of what is to come into our experience. Even without devolving into the metaphysical, I can state with certainty that my first year in IILM has taught me that we find our purpose only through our passion. It is this very passion for excellence that distinguishes an exemplary leader from a mediocre one.

Problem-solving through focus:

Common sense is uncommon, they say. Persistence, attention to detail, focus, and common sense are the real tools that I have learned to work with, in this yearlong endeavor to design efficient solutions for businesses and communities across the globe.

Armed with these wonderful insights I step into another semester at IILM, eager and hungry to learn more and be better each day.

Things To Get Excited About Starting Your PGDM at IILM

New academic session for PGDM batch 2016-18 is just around the corner. We are absolutely excited to welcome you all.

Before the session begins, there are things you ought to know about IILM as a premier B-School.  You will be left overwhelmed with all the excitement awaiting for you on campus

1. Welcome To IILM Campus – We Are So Very Glad You Chose Us 


2. Alumni Network – You Are Stepping Into Big Fat IILM Alumni Family With Over 9000+ Members


3. Top Notch Companies On Campus – Get Ready To Work With Your Dream Company


4. Best Faculty On Campus – Walk Along With Your Guiding Light On Campus At Every Step


5. Global Study Program – Learn Business At International Destinations


6. Centrally Located Campuses – Your Safety And Security Is Important To Us


7. Conferences On Campus – You Chase Your Passion, And Find Happiness With Others


8. Annual College Festival – IILM iFest. Brace Yourselves For The Show, Folks


9. International Faculty At IILM Campus – It Is Time For Some Business Lessons From International Scholars


10. What’s Happening On Campus? – PRME, Global Thinker Award, Tedx, IILM Alumni Meet Up, Annual HR Conference , Entrepreneurship Conference, Recruiters Network Meet, And More! 


21st Annual Convocation – Class of 2016 at Lodhi Road Campus

IILM Convocation 2016, Presided Over by Dr. Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson and Managing Director – The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group Ltd

The Convocation of IILM for the Class of 2016 was held on May 4th, 2016 at its Lodhi Road campus.  The ceremony was conducted for all the three campuses of IILM – IILM Institute for Higher Education, Lodi Road; IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon and IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida.

The ceremony started by lighting the lamp by Mrs. Malvika Rai – Chairperson, IILM ; Dr. Smitha Girija – Director, IILM Institute for Higher Education, Lodi Road ; Ms. Shivani Ahuja – Director, IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon ; Dr. Taruna Gautum – Director, IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida. The students of all the three campuses were awarded their diplomas by Mrs. Malvika Rai, Dr. Smitha Girija Ms. Shivani Ahuja and Dr. Taruna Gautum. One hundred and sixty seven students completed their post graduate studies at IILM this year and were conferred their diplomas.


Dr. Smitha Girija – Director, IILM then welcomed the chief guest- Dr. Jyotsna Suri – Chairperson & Managing Director of Bharat Hotels that runs the luxury hotels chain “THE LALIT” under the Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. In the past few years the Group has been recognized with number of awards for its distinguished performance like the National Tourism Awards and National Awards for Excellence in Hospitality Education. Dr. Jyotsna Suri was President FICCI in the year 2015-16.  She has been listed amongst the Top 50 Business Power Women in Asia by Forbes Asia and amongst the top 20 Most Powerful Woman in Indian Business by Business Today. She is the only Indian member on the International Executive Committee of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

Dr. Smitha Girija, then presented the Annual Report to the audience in which she highlighted the various achievements of IILM in the last one year. She proudly announced that in the EdUniversal rankings of best business schools in India, IILM has been ranked 11 (3 Palmes of Excellence category) for 2015. She also mentioned that IILM offers a wide range of Executive Education Programmes on various platforms and has organized Training programmes for IAS and IPS officers for over 10 years. IILM has also been conducting customized Training programme for leading PSUs like NTPC, NBCC, BHEL, and EIL. IILM also offer specialized programmes for Defence Ministry’s Directorate General of Resettlement for defence officers.

She further mentioned that IILM has recently partnered with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs to jointly conduct programmes for Government officers and executives of PSUs and corporates. And IILM has also signed an MoU with National Skill Development Corporation. Also, the IILM Startup Labs has been incorporated to support and bolster a start-up company’s creation and activity in the early stages before it becomes self sustainable. Through the incubation initiative, IILM aims to provide an environment where students and entrepreneurs feel that their experience with IILM is most productive and inspiring

Dr Smitha Girija, then welcomed Mr. Kapil Chanana – IILM’s first batch alummus (1994-96   batch). Mrs. Malvika Rai presented an award to Mr. Kapil Chanana. The honour was bestowed upon him for his outstanding accomplishments in his chosen field of endeavor thus bringing honor and prestige to his fellow Alumni and Alma Mater. Mr. Kapil Chanana is General Manager – Activation, Coca Cola India Private Ltd. Mr. Chanana then addressed the graduating students. In his address, he shared his challenges as an entrepreneur with the students and motivated them to work for their passions. He also encouraged the students that they should never lose their individuality due the challenges of the outside world. He said the education is important but what drives a person and his performance are his passions.

Dr. Jyotsna Suri then delivered her talk in which she motivated the students by saying that though it is very important to generate success and wealth but they must not forget the core values of humanity. She stressed that students should never deviate from honesty and integrity, respect for Individuals, responsible Communication, devotion to Duty in order to become successful individuals and should also Minimize Wastage to be called as responsible managers.

She then honored six faculty members of IILM for the “Excellence in Teaching” Award. The six faculty members who received this award are Prof Vinay Chirania – The best Teacher’s Award for Core module- at IGSM, Prof Ruchi Shah – IIBM and Dr. Shivani Khurana – IILM, LR. The best Teacher’s Award for Elective module- at IGSM was awarded to Prof Raju Majumdar,  Prof Shweta Sharma- at IIBM and Dr Preethi Srinivas at IILM, LR.


Mrs. Malvika Rai, Chairperson, IILM Institute for Higher Education, presented Dr. Kulwant Rai Gold and Silver medals to the meritorious students as well as to the overall performers.

IILM Convocation 2016, Presided Over by Dr Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson and Managing Director – The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group

IILM Convocation 2016, Presided Over by Dr. Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson and Managing Director – The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group Ltd. She enlightened us all with her speech for our fellow graduates and professors of IILM from all three campuses.

“Malavika & Anil Rai ji,  IILM Board of Governors, faculty members, proud parents and the graduating students, I am privileged to be here for the 21st Convocation of IILM – thank you very much for inviting me.

IILM is one of the leading business schools in India offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in management.  I believe the focus is to develop students as globally aware members of society who are responsible business leaders. The initiative to encourage students from J&K and Northeast by offering them 25% scholarship and 10% scholarships to every women student is highly commendable. I am delighted to know that there are 71 girls out of 178 students graduating this year.

Young ladies & Gentlemen, In the depressed global economic scenario India stands out like a bright spot.  The Indian economy is growing at 7.6% and will continue to do so in the future.  Historically, India is one of the oldest cultures and Demographically it is the youngest nation about 60% are below the age of 30. India with its 29 states, 7 Union Territories and its burgeoning middle class has both the Demand and Supply and therefore its Economy will continue to grow. The services sector is doing fairly well. The Governement’s initiative of ‘Make in India’ is giving a boost to India’s sluggish manufacturing sector.  The Prime Minister’s clarion call of ‘Startup India’ / ‘Standup India’ is aimed at you and is providing a stable platform to young new entrepreneurs. As you graduate, there is huge opportunity waiting for you. Some you may join established or establishing firms, some may add value to existing family businesses and some may become entrepreneurs, who will not only sustain themselves, but also offer employment to others.

While it is very important to generate success and wealth we must not forget the core values of humanity. Let me give you fist full of values:-

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect for Individuals
  • Responsible Communication
  • Devotion to Duty
  • Minimize Wastage

Along with this strong fist are my good wishes to each one of you as you step out to establish yourself. Do your parents, your country and your planet proud.


Jens Karbo : From Denmark To IILM

I recently visited IILM as a guest lecturer. It was my first visit to India in general and the experience was absolutely amazing – both from a personal and professional perspective.

Jens Karbo

I was teaching “Competing Globally” for post-graduate students and particularly a subject like that is inspirational to teach in an international and cross-cultural setting. As a Dane I come from a tiny country with a small economy and a very homogeneous society. India on the other hand is one of the world’s most dynamic economies and one of the big players globally and much more diverse. It was very fruitful for me to exchange ideas about the global economy, international business etc. with both students and colleagues alike. The main aim as an educator is obviously that the students learn from you, but personally I see it as a bonus if I can learn from my students as well. The very bright post graduate students taught me a lot of things that I take with me back home to Denmark. Their knowledge about India’s role in the world economy, dealing with India from a cultural perspective and specific Indian companies and cases were particularly beneficial and useful for me. The students were very engaged and knowledgeable and had one of the most important values at all: curiosity.

I would like to thank both the students and the faculty for their great hospitality during my visit. You feel very welcome as a guest lecturer. During my stay the Distinguished Global Thinker Award was given to Professor Ashish Nanda. It was very interesting to take part in the award ceremony, hear his lecture and the Q&A session afterwards…AND to taste all the delicious Indian food in the garden afterwards. Generally I believe that exchanges like this are mutually beneficial, but in particular within the area of business in this era of globalization.

I stayed at the Gurgaon Campus whereas the teaching was carried out at the Lodhi Road Campus. Both the accommodation and the very helpful staff at Gurgaon made me feel “home away from home”, and my colleagues at Lodhi Road were very hospitable and inspiring to exchange ideas with.

From a personal perspective I had the chance to visit both Agra and Jaipur, which were great experiences. I look forward to visiting India again sometime in the future.

Jens Karbo
Senior Lecturer
Business Academy Aarhus
University of Applied Sciences

Pathshala of Yuva Goonj Breaking for summers

“Paathshala”is an initiative of “Yuvagoonj, to educate the under privileged children. Yuvagoonj members used to visit the slum(in Sector 53, Gurgaon)regularly after college and took continuous classes. There were 30 children between the ages of 3 to 12 .To keep an account on whether this effort was successful or not, a small examination was held. The results generated after the test would definitely be of  help to the students in getting admission in schools to continue their studies further. The 1st session of Paathshala came to an end after enlightening the students with some basic knowledge that would help them in leading a good life later.To make Paathshala a beautiful memory for those little souls Yuva Goonj  celebrated the Birthday of all the 30students on the day of the last class. A huge cake was made to cut by the students of Pathshala. As a part of the celebration clothes were donated to them, games were played and snacks were distributed.The participants of North Eastern University Illinois who had visited IILM Gurgaon, had left with the Yuva Goonj members a lot of edible and stationery stuff for donation which was also distributed on that day. The hard work of Radhika Bansal a student of PGDM along with the other team members is worth an appreciationIMG_8731

Yuva Goonj Labour day celebration

Yuva Goonj the official NGO group of IILM Institute for Business & Management Gurgaon, having a vision of being a strategic leadership organisation influencing social transformation through developmental programmers & to work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen took the initiative to organize a “SPORTS DAY” for all the workers of IILM GURGAON on the occasion of Labour’s Day.IMG_8956This event was organised on 22th of April 2016, & the main aim behind this occasion was to make the workers feel special & make them understand how important they are for our organization.We all know that “THERE IS A CHILD IN EVERY BEING” and to make our workers relive their childhood different events were organized.All the workers including the female workers & security guards of our organisation attended the occasion.To show gratitude to their work and for proper functioning of the institution during the activity time, our students were appointed at each of their positions. A role reversal was done. All the posts held by our workers were manned by our students. This ensured uninterrupted functioning of the institute even with the workforce coming out to enjoy this hour.Dr.Pinky Goswami with Yuva members, Shayna, Radhika, Nikita, Riya, Sheetlata, Karan, Rohit and the overwhelming support of every student led this activity to huge success. The cooperation of Dr. Sujata and all faculty members was a good boost to Yuva Goonj.

IILM Student Exchange Program_Experience of an International Student

My IILM experience – Yvonne Küper, ISM Dortmund, Germany (January 2016 to April 2016)

Going abroad is always a great experience and by choosing India and especially IILM for my semester abroad was definitely the best choice for many different reasons.

One thing that I appreciate most about the Indian culture is the hospitality, which I never experienced before in this way in any other country. As long as it is possible for them they help, advise, and guide you through all kinds of situation. This goes in particular to IILM, its faculty, staff and its students.

I was able to stay at the girls hostel here on the campus for the last three month and it was really comfortable and fun, since you get in touch with so many different girls and it was really nice to have some late night girls talks or just watching a movie.

When the semester started I first had to get used to only having two or three classes a day, since in Germany I basically spend most of my day sitting in lectures, but it was really nice as you could totally focus on the classes of the day and therefore put more effort in each of it. During this semester I did not only learned more theories and skills, but what I enjoyed most was the active group discussions and experiencing the different points of view and therefore also more of the Indian culture, as they perceive some things different than us Europeans. Another great thing about the educational part at IILM is the continuous feedback that you give but also receive in terms of the lectures, rough drafts of coursework, and discussions. Also the teachers really care about their students, as you are always welcome to go to their cabin or to e-mail them in order to ask questions.

Besides my studies I was also able to enjoy my free time over here and one of my favorite memories so far was visiting the Taj Mahal, as it is truly majestic and the atmosphere around there, even though it is a very crowded place, is truly breath taking.

I really enjoyed my time here at IILM and in India and therefore I look forward to come back to visit some time, as there are still a lot more things to experience.




Life at IILM Campus

I, Bharti Goel, an IILM student pursuing PGDM course, 2015-17 batch.

It feels great to be a part of this esteemed institute. It’s not just a place which encourages us to dream big rather it’s a place where dreams come to life. The academic curriculum here is designed to give us umpteen opportunities to hone our skills especially the managerial expertise and help us evolve into and overall better individual. Furthermore, the spotlight of the course is the foreign exchange program.
During the inception of the course, students are drive to foreign countries as a part of foreign exchange program which helps concretely to provide exposure to outside world and be trained of culture and work environment there . In addition to it,Myriad of team building activities are held in our college which imbibes in us the importance of being a team player and makes us realize our core competencies. Our college encourage students to come up with new ideas and provides all the necessary help required by the individual in implementing that idea and bring it life. It really helps us to boost our confidence and sharpen our entrepreneurial acumen.

IMG-20150818-WA0003 IMG-20160311-WA0005

In today’s ever growing competitive world, it is essential for students to have the insight into current best industry practices. Our college realizes the necessity and organizes regular guest lectures from industry experts helping us to learn the current industry trends, best practices followed which gives us a beforehand experience of the future responsibilities that we are going to handle.

The faculty members here are highly erudite and ready to lend a hand. . It’s not just the learned information given to us but also they direct us to pertain concepts practically in the real world scenarios. The professors here take abounding efforts to endow us with utmost acquaintance through videos, ppts, articles,case studies. Moreover, there is a provision for faculty to reside in hostel which is all the more constructive when it comes to clearing any doubts. Faculty members staying in hostel are very cooperative and amicable.


We have a great campus with best infrastructure facilities available. The hostel is very comfortable with all the necessity amenities. It feels like home and at times you forget that you are not in hostel. Every hostel staff member is very cooperative like the guards are always there to help us whenever there is a need. Moreover the food provided is very nutritious and hygienic. Regular exercise sessions and yoga sessions are scheduled for us to ensure our good health

I have realized I can be anything in life and IILM is the place which exhorts you to live your dreams and follow your passion!

~ Bharti Goel
Batch of 2015-17