Responsible Management Education

Faculty Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence

A faculty development programme (FDP) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was conducted at IILM Lodhi Road campus on 26th & 27th of October 2017. 60 faculty members from the IILM campuses at Lodhi Road, Gurgaon and Greater Noida attended the two day long programme. The programme was conceived and coordinated by Prof Rajkishan Nair. As a Read more

The rise of Indigo

Indigo is india’s biggest profitable airline with roughly 40 percent market share . The airline has risen in last 10 years. It has got 135 modern and new aircrafts. The story of indigo is all the more exciting as the established airlines like air india, jet airways and kingfisher have made huge losses during last Read more

What Lies Ahead for the Indian Youth

India has the world’s highest youth population. According to 2011 Census, 62.5% of its 1.2 billion people are in the working population age of 15-59. On the other hand, Japan is the world’s oldest nation, with 25% of its population is above 65 years of age and by the year 2040, this is going to Read more

Book Review The Curse of Cash by Kenneth S Rogoff. Princeton University Press Published August 2016.

  The Curse of Cash         Kenneth S Rogoff                                                              Princeton University Press August 2016. ISBN-10:0691172137 ISBN-13:978-0691172132   Book Review by Gurpreet Singh Bhatia Associate Professor, Economics, IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi Email:   The author begins with the hypothesis that the time has come for advanced countries to rethink the role of Read more

Workforce Diversity and Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture, as conceptualized by Schein, can be understood as a layered phenomenon with the surface level artefacts visible in an organization as the topmost layer, the espoused values that fuel those just underneath and most importantly the assumptions and beliefs that underlie the above two layers. Culture is the invisible yet powerful force that Read more


On June 23, 2016, in one of the most epochal referendums in European history if not modern history, Britain the 5th largest economy in the world voted to quit the European Union (EU) by a margin of around 1.3 million votes, defying predictions from all economic, political & academic quarters. The impact of Britain’s Exit Read more

Bonds and Masala Bonds

Bonds are instruments of debt – typically used by corporates to raise money from investors. Masala bonds, on the other hand, have to be explained in the context of Indian corporates raising money from overseas investors. Before masala bonds, corporates have had to rely on avenues such as external commercial borrowings or ECBs. The challenge Read more

Unlocking the value of HR in Merger and Acquisition

Since 1980s, Dramatic changes in the global business environment have been driving a wave of Merger and Acquisition in the world. Although they are undertaken for good reasons, many fail to meet their objectives, in part because HR issues are generally poorly understood, under managed, and often discarded at the outset as irrelevant to strategic Read more

International Day of the Girl Child: Six Missions, One voice in support of Women’s Rights.

International Day of the Girl Child: Six Missions, One voice in support of Women’s Rights. The United Nations declared October 11th as the International Day of the Girl Child adopted by United Nations in 2011. The International Day of the Girl is an opportunity to highlight the needs and rights of girls and to advocate Read more

The Economics of Innovation

Innovation has become key buzzword for the economy around the world. There are reasons for that. The recent research shows that a major part of the rise of productivity in developed economies comes through innovation. Read more