How To Choose The Right B-School

The right B-school not only paves the way for a great career but also plays a role in helping shape the person’s character, beliefs and thoughts, thereby playing a significant role in shaping his/her life for the future. With admissions to various B-schools in full swing, it becomes essential for students to check out the various attributes of a college before they zero in on it. Studying in a B-school call for a huge investment of time, money and energy, so it is vital that you make sure your choice of business school meets your needs.

To choose the top management college for you, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Student And Alumni Network:

Look through the profile of students at the university in terms of professional experience, gender, and cultural background. These diverse individuals also contribute to your learning apart from forming your network. Find out how active the alumni group is, as you may want to draw on this network in the near future. This network can provide you with invaluable career information and also help raise funds for your start-up.

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IILM is proud to have a network of over 9000+ alumni, placed both domestically and abroad, that have risen to high ranks over the years. These individuals are invited to interact with students and motivate them through guest lectures. Some also go on to become mentors to the students, providing them with first-hand knowledge and experienced advice. Annual alumni meet are organized on campus, which is an excellent networking opportunity for both alumni and current students.

Academic Community:

Before making your choice, find out about the caliber of the faculty, in terms of their expertise and achievements to make sure they give you in-depth knowledge of a company or industry. In addition to this, research about the teaching methods the school uses, such as case studies and consultancy projects with companies.

The IILM faculty members come from leading institutions across the country and are known to be knowledge creators who rigorously peruse research in their fields. The curriculum taught at IILM is benchmarked against the best in the world. It includes Field Courses (as at Harvard), Career Trek (as at Wharton) and Community Experience (as at Yale). Besides this, the 3-month long summer internship and accompanying workshops acquaint students with the demands of the professional world.

Global Experience:

Employers often seek international experience and there are plenty of options to broaden your horizons. Seek colleges that offer study abroad programs or colleges that have overseas partnerships.

In keeping with the needs of the ever-globalizing world, IILM organizes a 4-week global study program in Germany, France, Canada, Finland or Spain, where students are given an opportunity to develop their outlook through industry visits and diverse cultural immersion.

Careers: Another aspect to scrutinize is the institute’s employment record and check the kind of jobs, sectors, and countries graduates go to. It is crucial to investigate the reputation of the careers service of the particular college.

The Career Development Cell at IILM mentors the students on the selection of the right career path in accordance with their preferences and aptitude to check PGDM eligibility. The recruiters comprise of over 300+ companies across the country spanning a wide range of industries.


After going through rigorous preparation and numerous exams, you’re finally accepted to your dream B-school.  Just as you spent plenty of time strategizing how to get admitted into the top management college, the same way it’s time for you to put together a plan to get the most out of your business school experience. The decisions and choices made during this time will impact your future substantially. If you’re wondering how you can prepare for what comes next, we’ve got you covered:

Remember your attributes as a student:

As you interact with your peers, you may realize that some of them are phenomenally accomplished, however, don’t let this intimidate you. Don’t forget that you too were accepted to this class for a reason. The school knows your potential and sees you as an asset, so focus on that.

Make friends with people of all backgrounds:

Most students gravitate towards peers who are from similar backgrounds but instead try interacting with people outside of your comfort zone to further enrich your experience.

Get involved in extra-curricular activities:

To reap the full benefits of the B-school experience, it’s important you get involved with activities outside the classroom. Besides, you will learn as much from these extra-curricular activities as you will from your studies. Additionally, this will also help you in networking with people from various courses.

Take time to explore academic options:

After the PGDM admission, don’t only stick to the conventional classes, explore a few other options, as you may never know what you may discover and like. Attend diverse corporate presentations, choose new subjects or interview with companies you wouldn’t otherwise.

Learn from your summer internships:

You may find many students working full time with their summer internship employer after graduation. If you didn’t have a great experience at your summer internship, remember, it is still worthwhile to have learned from the experience.

Stay connected to your classmates:

Do keep in mind that your classmates form your priceless network. Whether you like them or not, it is important to stay in touch with this professional network.

Always remember that you’re about to embark on a transformative experience, which you would want to take tremendous advantage of. This includes making the most out of the college faculty members to utilizing college resources to the fullest.

Reason to Believe: Why Do PGDM Students Opt for IILM?

Every year, thousands and thousands of young aspiring minds aim to get into a top management college. The prestigious PGDM degree, they believe, will unlock their future and give wings to the dream of entrepreneurship they have harbored for long. At IILM, the philosophy lies in strengthening this belief and shaping future leaders of the world every step of the way. This is why IILM is often on top of the wish-lists of prospective PGDM students.   

So, what makes the PGDM degree at IILM so lucrative? Why do PGDM students opt for IILM to help them carve a niche for themselves as top management professionals in the future? Let’s find out the answer:

A truly international curriculum

IILM has literally brought the world’s best management education to India’s doorstep with course modules that imbibe the best offerings from curricula of globally-known B-schools such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School, and IIM-Ahmedabad. At the core of it all lies experiential learning through Field, Career Trek, and Managerial Skills. Across 6 terms, students get to learn from Business Simulation and case studies that help them convert their concepts into real-life management solutions.

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A global study experience

What sets apart the PGDM course at IILM, the best management college in Noida for global experiential learning is the month-long international study program in Finland, Germany, Canada, Spain, or France. This exposure serves to provide students with a life-changing learning experience abroad that sensitizes them to diverse cultures, the importance of international relationships, and the development of skills to build them.

Experienced faculty and mentors that make learning fun:

The ground-breaking PGDM curriculum at IILM would be of no use if there weren’t a faculty with vast industrial experience and teaching acumen. The teachers and professors at IILM strive to share the same vision and dream as their students. In the exclusive mentorship programme, every student is allotted a faculty member aligned with the skills and interests of the student. For 25 years, the faculty has churned out more than 9000 business leaders and entrepreneurs through ultimate dedication to every individual’s goals.

Placements, internships, and bucket-loads of opportunities

Ask any PGDM student the need for stellar placement and training opportunities at a management college, and he or she will probably place it on the checklist. IILM thoroughly believes that any management education should be backed by walking the walk. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on providing students with real-life corporate experience via a 3-month summer internship program with global business corporations. The placements at IILM are a serious affair, with students being able to pursue opportunities provided by over 300 renowned companies according to their interests. The Career Development Center and career training courses like Field Immersion Experience for Leadership Development ensure that every student gets the best placement possible!

A campus that is a home away from home

Furnished with world-class classroom, hostel, and other facilities, IILM’s three campuses are a beehive of activity, hope, laughter, and success. They are also easily accessible to the business and corporate hubs around Delhi-NCR.