The Finest Gesture From You-Donate Blood..!!!

On the Occasion of WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY, 8TH September, 2016 a blood donation camp was organized by YUVA GOONJ – NGO Club of IILM INSTITUTE FOR BUSSINESS AND MANAGEMENT, GURGAON in collaboration with Rotary club gurgaon, unit of rotary blood bank and social services.

Rotary Blood Bank established in 2002 with the mission of “no one shall suffer from in and around Delhi for want of Blood” collaborated with YUVA GOONJ spreading the objective of Yuva wings to bring smile and colours to life. YUVA GOONJ Continuing its chain organised the blood donation camp with massive success. Crossing the last numbers, donors touch the number of 68 making the purpose fulfilled with great zeal. Read more

Day of freedom with Liberal kids of Independent India

2017 is the year witnessed as beautiful festive fusion of our country’s Independence essence with holy fragrance of Janamstami all over India. 15th August, 1947 which is one of the most memorable day for all the Indians around the globe, as on this date our country got independent. We owe the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters for giving us free and country of joy and festival cherishing for coming millennium years. Read more

Unnati-Journey of Pathsala..!!

Yuva Goonj– NGO Club of IILM Institute for Business and management, being accountable towards the state and society had taken an initiative of “PATHSHALA” a year back in February 2016, with the guidance of Dr Pinky Goswami. Imparting Knowledge and learning in underprivileged children and making them rise and shine in society is the motive behind this. Read more


It’s a new dawn, it’s a New Year .Nothing would have been best than the way New Year step in bringing the happiness of innocent kids.

YUVA GOONJ-NGO club of IILM Institute of Business And Management with the vision of spreading gaiety, kissed the world of slum children by celebrating the arrival of New Year. Few hours of joy and fun was in every way cherishing for them. Read more


21st century more or less have turned into self-centered and materialistic world. Peoples are lacking in terms of humanitarian gesture and care for their surrounding humans. In this haphazard and rushing lifestyle, malevolent inner voice often command self-destruction to intangible reason and led people commit suicide. Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering –blinded by feeling of self-loathing, hopelessness and isolation.

The NGO club of IILM  “YUVA GOONJ” whose objective is “social awareness towards social cause” had opt to create positive ripple effect on the occasion of “WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY” held on 10th of SEPTEMBER tried to generate healthy gesture with execution of 3C “connect, communicate and care” for the prevention of suicide among young adults giving them a platform to work for more creative and positive work of BLOOD DONATION and helping a Thalassemic and Leukemic child to live longer and enjoy “life” the most precious gift of God”. Read more

Global Study Program 2016: Frankfurt Fever

It has been two weeks since my arrival back from Frankurt, but the city flavours and memories are still lingering on my mind. All thanks to IILM for giving me this amazing opportunity to study in International School Management (ISM), Frankfurt through their unique one-month study global program. As soon we arrived in Frankfurt, the beautiful city began to cast its magic on me. Later as we started exploring the city the beautiful green meadow, rivers-cape and pleasant weather commenced a mind-boggling impact on me. Enchanting night walks nearby Main river bank are still solace worthy and breathing inside me.

We received a warm welcome at ISM Business School, and our trip unfolded its wings by fantastic City Tour of Frankfurt. From the very next day our academic journey at ISM began. Modules taken up by the students at ISM consisted of Financial Management, Social-Media Management and Strategic Management.

It would not be wrong in any way, if I say that we got “complete package” of business arena comprising in these three modules. No subject is interesting until and unless it’s in a good hand for deliverance. Professors were very enthusiastic to impart us learning and made us know what the business scenario of Germany is. They kept us actively participated in our four week sessions and made us nimble in case-studies, team work and presentations.

14087177_294145614285004_1524782307_o14114491_294145630951669_168491585_o14114538_294145604285005_295278712_o (1)

We had a visit to manufacturing plant of OPEL and got aware of how the automobile manufacturing plant works. We made a visit to Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Deutsche Bank and monitored German economy closely.

The portrayal of academic journey at ISM would be incomplete without the name of Prof. Ernest Fahling, HOD of Financial management at ISM. One of the excellent masters/teachers I have ever met taught by. His simple yet significant way of teaching us made the whole difference, and polite sweet gesture makes him different from the crowd. Friendly and highly enthusiastic persona of Mr. Fahling will always be reminiscing evergreen in my mind. The maiden month academic journey at ISM Frankfurt is nonetheless treasure for a lifetime.

As per my observations, Germany is a modern advanced society shaped up by plurality of lifestyles. One thing that must needed to be mention is that German’s values their language at top and prefer to speak and hear German first than English. Nonetheless, language and communication did create a troublesome at some point for all of us, yet we were all too engrossed in the wondrous of the city and people that we chose to ignore tiny bit hurdle aside.

My exploration reveals that Germany is recognized for positive and valuable influence of their own culture, religion and methodology of life spending despite adopting some others.

ISM had arranged our visit to Main Tower- A 56-storey skyscraper located in between Frankfurt city named after the nearby Main River and the viewing observatory from the top was just too mesmerizing and spell-bounding effect on mind.

During the farewell week, we had a tour of an open-air museum Hessen Park (German village set up) and I bet no one have been left untouched with the beauty of German country area view and beauty of museum.

Ending it here I will say that global exposure by far has been my most enthralling experience of life. I got stupendous opportunity to learn German Culture and add up a new vista of world in my diary.


Gutentag Frankfurt!

– Ruchi Singh, IILM PGDM 20116-18