A Day at IILM Business School

A positive study environment is no less important than a strong curriculum. Finding mentors in your teachers and inspiration in your peers is a sure shot way to succeed and stay ahead in the business world. Keeping up with this ideology, the IILM business school has three beautiful campuses in New Delhi, Gurugram, and Greater Noida respectively. Each campus is designed and maintained with the end-goal to nurture, develop and skill responsible entrepreneurs of the future.

Spending a day in the IILM business school, you’re bound to interact with students hailing from the length and breadth of the country, bringing with them various backgrounds, communities, and ethnicities. This has aided the development of a strong learning environment, brimming with positivity, vibrancy, and diversity. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn about new aspects of varied lifestyles – further pushing the development of well-groomed, all-around individuals, ready to succeed in the corporate world.

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The diverse culture of the campus finds manifestation in Manchtantra – IILM’s Cultural club – formed with the aim to add a holistic feel to PGDM and executive PGDM courses offered by the college. With abundant opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, students learn the value of cooperation, confidence, and how to work together in teams. This goes a long way in developing important coping mechanisms required for facing challenging situations and tough circumstances. Life at IILM is marked with innumerable chances to embrace your creativity and celebrate your cultural values. By being involved in the organization and execution of various events, you get to learn management lessons while enjoying a fair share of fun.

The zeal for innovation and creativity is furthered through the incubation center. IILM students have access to iLabs, a platform to develop unique ideas and give them wings. The college premise offers the infrastructure to start up with an office space, followed by interactions with potential investors and venture capitalists for guidance and finance possibilities. This is in line with the larger goal to promote holistic development and real-world training for students of pg diploma in management and executive PGDM.

The location of all three campuses has been strategically planned to ensure that students are safe, secure and have easy access to important sites. The Lodhi Road campus is situated in the heart of South Delhi, with so many exciting things to do nearby. The Gurugram campus is in the hub of NCR’s industrial center, lined with all-important corporate offices and startups. The Greater Noida Campus, located in Knowledge Park allows great opportunities for interacting and networking with like-minded, industry individuals. IILM Business schools in Gurugram and Noida also provide hostel facilities, creating a friendly environment where students can work and learn together every day.

All in all, a day at IILM Business School is enriched with a host of exciting experiences. From interactive classes and cultural activities to the incubation center and hostel facilities, every corner of the campus has something inspiring to offer.

Last Minute preparation tips for CAT 2023

Since CAT exam is near, there are some important tips I would like to share.

Mocks – Taking a CAT Mock test every day won’t help much, at this point. Instead, focus on the areas that you’ve already covered, take three to four exams over the next two weeks but, most importantly, revise all the MOCKs that you have taken so far, and learn from them.

Speed & Accuracy – Your performance in the upcoming CAT 2017 is highly dependent on what you have prepared and how good your command is over the topics you consider to be your strengths. Here is a clear pacing strategy that will help you time the test better.
Verbal: Maximum eight minutes for reading a passage and 90 seconds to answer each question based on that passage
Quant: two minutes per question
Logic: Six to eight minutes for a set of four questions
Data Interpretation: six to eight minutes for a set of four questions

Focus on important topics – One should focus on important topics which will fetch more marks. The most important areas of each section are as follows –
QA: Focus on Geometry, Modern Mathematics and Arithmetic problems
VARC: Practice Reading Comprehension as much as you possibly can with a slight focus on Jumble and Completion type questions
LR: Arrangement based puzzles, Investment Betting and Tournaments
DI: Logic and calculation based DI sets are important.

Last but not the least is confidence. One should be extremely confident during the exam. At no point should the person panic. Try to give 100% during the exam.

Where do you see yourself in next two years?

Are youaspiring to become an entrepreneur, an influential leader or a successor of the family business”?

Then Aicte approved college, IILM is a perfect platform to kick-start your journey to reaching great heights in your choicest career path. At IILM we understand that every student is unique and has strong potential to do wonder if his talents are directed in the right direction, thus we shoulder the responsibility of extracting the best from our student by providing them with the management education that goes beyond the traditional classroom ties and accomplish our motto of providing “Responsible Management Education”.

At IILM, Top management institute in Delhi NCR, we incorporate the essential skills in our students so as to prepare them for the upcoming changes and challenges in today’s business era where Industry 4.0 will dilute the traditional jobs and would incorporate fast-paced creative jobs. IILM polishes and widens the inherent creativity of a student by focusing on experiential learning, since the new-age students learn-by-doing in a real business situation as opposed to learn-by-listening, discussions, and studying.

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The global integration is speeding up and in keeping with the requirements of the ever-globalizing environment, IILM mandates a 4-week global study in Germany, Canada, Finland, France or Spain, to give students a global exposure in terms of teaching pedagogy, industry visits, and diverse cultural immersion to develop cross-culture communication skills and expand their horizons.

IILM’s Summer Internship Programme is crucial in familiarizing the students with diverse working cultures across big companies (national and multinational), so as to enable a student to understand various dimensions and requirements of today’s era and thus enabling him to decide his/her future path by closely experiencing and examining the complexities of it.

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Right Mentoring is the key to success and faculty @ IILM leaves no stone unturned to guide our students. We provide them with pathways to choose and specialize in their areas of expertise and interest, to ensure that the actual potent of a student is best utilized leading to a student’s betterment throughout his/her life.

IILM Students

The full-fledged two-year PGDM course provides you with a correct mix of skills, knowledge, and experience to lead you to your dream career path and unfold the answer to the trickiest question “Where you see yourself in next two years?”

Join the Best and discover the best in you.

~Manisha Bothra

A Move for a Democratic Nation

Democracy has never been the word of today’s politics indeed a word that has made history where Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak quoted “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”. The constitution of India enhanced and proved the democratic environment of the country. The seven fundamental rights were given to the people to practice democracy in the right direction. But unfortunately people in the country have not understood the meaning of them with the application. Right to do whatever you want is democracy for most of the people in India. The right to criticize, right to divide, right to destroy, right to justify and the list is endless with all the rights.

Now the time is here to understand the implications of these rights that have been set by us which should make us realize that there is nothing that we are going to leave for the coming generations. The facts about the increase in pollution are evident in the report of WHO which reveals that 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India.

Another man made pollution addition is depicted by soaring figures of smokers in India with 110 million, compared to just 74.5 million smokers over three decades back, despite all the anti-tobacco and smoke-free laws made in the country. Another freedom has been seen with natural disaster by earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruption, landslide, hurricanes etc. where the onus lies on us for all the creative disasters by playing with nature.

It is not just playing with the environment but playing with each other as well. The question is who would take the responsibility of all these things you, me, government, system. Ideally if we look at it no one would. So the prime responsibility lies on each one of us to make sure that we contribute constructively rather than destructively toward it. If we look at the corporates they have started doing their work with Corporate Social Responsibility being put into action. Now the turn is ours where each one of us will have to focus on Individual Social Responsibility or Consumer Social Responsibility to mark our contribution in right direction the ways it’s implemented in the west. The Americans boycotted the world famous brands like Nike, Adidas, by exercising their right in the correction direction whereas the story is different in our country.

Let us get together and refine the statement of Democracy for all of us so that the right becomes right and not wrong for a better future, nation, world, universe and earth.

The Finest Gesture From You-Donate Blood..!!!

On the Occasion of WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY, 8TH September, 2016 a blood donation camp was organized by YUVA GOONJ – NGO Club of IILM INSTITUTE FOR BUSSINESS AND MANAGEMENT, GURGAON in collaboration with Rotary club gurgaon, unit of rotary blood bank and social services.

Rotary Blood Bank established in 2002 with the mission of “no one shall suffer from in and around Delhi for want of Blood” collaborated with YUVA GOONJ spreading the objective of Yuva wings to bring smile and colours to life. YUVA GOONJ Continuing its chain organised the blood donation camp with massive success. Crossing the last numbers, donors touch the number of 68 making the purpose fulfilled with great zeal. Read more

Digitization – A new reality for Finance and Business

By the year 2020, the entire generation will grow up in a primarily digital world. Increasing reliance on technology and demands for the things that are fast, easy and mobile is driving a movement toward digitalization. Digital trends are changing consumer’s demands and expectations, the way the business must operate and the talent dynamics in the market. Digitalization will reach a high point in the next few years due to three significant forces; i.e. Consumer Pull, Technology Push and Economic Benefits.

Changing consumer behaviour and preferences has forced the financial institutions to develop such practices that will allow smooth functioning of digital channels, providing seamless experience.

Since decades, the financial industry has experienced a continuous evolution in service delivery due to digitalization. But there has been a shift in the focus of digitalization from improving the delivery of traditional tasks to introducing fundamentally new business opportunities & models for financial service companies.

In today’s digital world, finance has become more agile, forward looking and decision centric. Digitalization of finance is dramatically altering the existing finance industry and changing the nature and conduct of business thereby shifting the value prepositions. Finance leaders today have a huge opportunity to play a lead role in shaping the digital agenda of the organization. Digital transformation of finance holds the key to make this shift work towards a digital organization.

Financial services organizations must look outside the customer experience box and ensure that the business comes together to define how the organization can successfully create the “digital umbrella” across the whole organization.

In India and around the world, banking industry is going through changes with major shifts in technology, digitizing the entire banking process and redefining new ways of doing business. Payment banks and small finance banks are also entering the system thereby increasing the battle for customer loyalty and growth. Financial services needs to go beyond commonly-held notions of being digital.

Although the digital technology has changes the face of banking. But innovation just for the sake of innovation is a waste; it must have a genuine customer benefit. Jumping into whatever is trending will not ensure relevance and engagement; it’s better to get things right and offer a flawless experience within existing channels rather than provide an average-quality service across a myriad of channels.

The banks should ensure a superior experience in existing delivery channels before launching additional ones to bring perfection in execution of existing channels and focusing on the service quality.

Today’s advanced technologies are poised to transform the entire financial services industry. Indeed, as they reassess their customer strategies in light of this fast-evolving technological landscape, leaders see boundless opportunities to implement a wide array of differentiating customer capabilities and experiences.

With the digital shifts in core business, finance needs to enable and drive the change rather than being stuck in the past.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations at IILM

“You Dream We Guide”

Becoming a teacher requires strong conviction and utmost commitment. Teachers’ Day is celebrated to acknowledge the indispensable role of a teacher in guiding and preparing the students to not only chase their passion in the choicest field but also achieve their dreams by keeping their moral values and sense of social responsibility intact.
Dr. Radhakrishnan was born on 5th Sep 1888 and became the President of India in 1962. He was approached by a group of his students and friends with a request to allow them to celebrate his birthday. Dr. Radhakrishnan’s reply was “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers’ day”. This request showed Dr. Radhakrishnan’s love for the teaching profession. Whatever be the position he held whether as President or Vice President of India, he remained a teacher all his life. T The teaching profession always remained his first love. The highest award of the nation, The Bharat Ratna, was conferred on him in 1954 in recognition of his meritorious service to mankind.

Teachers Day Celebrations at IILM - Group
The Cultural Club of IILM, Top Management college in Delhi-NCR celebrated this special day on Wednesday 5 September 2017 with utmost zeal. The students, who had been preparing for the grand event for more than a week, organised an appreciable show dedicated to their teachers. The students undertook a great effort in decorating the auditorium with intricate detailing and ensured that teachers are engaged and enjoy the event thoroughly. The event started with a melodious prayer followed by phenomenal dance performances, innovative music, and skit. The skit was the highlight of the event, there were giggles echoing all around the auditorium during the skit.

Amidst the extraordinary performances by students of Best B school of Delhi-NCR, there were innovative games like musical chair, tie-a-tie in 15 seconds challenge, drape-a-saree in 30 seconds challenge and Just a Moment (JAM) were conducted for the teachers by the students. The winners were gifted with yummy chocolates.
The efforts of the students were appreciated by all the teachers and we are thankful to our students for giving us beautiful memories to carry alonguntil the next year.

Teachers Day Celebrations at IILM - Game


An Industry-academia meet was organized by The Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University on 7th July 2017. The meeting focused on the topic “Skilling to Employability”. An Industry-academia meet was organized by The Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University on 7th July 2017. The meeting focused on the topic “Skilling to Employability”.

The Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University has been enacted by the legislature of the state of Haryana with an objective to establish a Skill University in order to facilitate and promote skill, entrepreneurship development, skill based education and research in the emerging areas of manufacturing, textile, design, logistics and transportation, automation, maintenance etc. and to raise skill level in various fields related to these areas.The event was honoured by Sh. Sudhir Rajpal, IAS and the Principal Secretary of Industries & Commerce Department, Haryana, Sh. Raj Nehru – Vice Chancellor, Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University and many other distinguished person.  This meet encouraged and enhanced the interaction between the stakeholders for building a strong skilling framework. It served as a platform to discuss about the current needs of the industry in terms of skilled human capital and how the academia can help in nurturing the potential work force with desired skill set.

After the welcome message, Shri Raj Nehru, Founding-Vice Chancellor of the University addressed the gathering where he emphasized on the loopholes of the education system in India thus bringing in the reason for the establishment of such a University where vocational and skill education would be the prime objective. He also explained the 10-20-70 Rule. Where 10% is formal learning in classrooms, 20% is through Practical trainings and 70% is learning on the job.

Various industry persons from esteemed companies like Hero MotoCorp Ltd.. Maruti, HDFC etc. and various institutions like IILM Gurgaon, Amity University etc. also joined the meet.

In the end, Mr. Raj asked the audience to give their valuable advice on how they can improve their University. Some of the various suggestions were:

► There is a lot of emphasis given on numbers i.e. number of people registering for the skill courses. This should be avoided.
► The education system needs to be diverted towards vocational and skill learning rather than mere passing examinations.
► The students coming from various institutions are not job -ready, they still lack the required skills.
► The courses should have long term employability i.e. they should be structured in a manner that is relevant for the industry even after five years from now.
► A suggestion of a skill test also came up in which when a candidate shows his/her interest in joining the skill course, he/she would have to give a skill test, the results of which will indicate as to which course he/she should opt for.
► A suggestion of virtual courses also came up to facilitate the working class.

He even highlighted that the vision of the University was not just limited to India but it wanted to become a global mark. He also appreciated the hard work of his team members by pointed out that they did not work like government employees rather worked just like any other competitive corporate employees. He also mentioned Cooperation extended by IKLM, Gurgaon by providing students volunteers which helped greatly in making event a success. Lastly, he thanked all the industry people for contributing in the event and joining hands with the University.

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Minal Gupta
Nikhil Gupta

Teamwork : The Other Name of Voluntary Leadership

A good team work exist when a group of people work together in close coordination towards a common goal and creates a positive work atmosphere thereby supporting each other so as to pool in individual strengths to enhance team performance. Teamwork is significant for an organization since it provides employees with an opportunity to bond with each other, which improves relations among them. Improved employee relations also result from the fact that teamwork boosts close coordination among members which has resulted due to increased trust among them.

The knack to perform synchronously as an individual and also with the employees is a vital element to attaining growth and success. Steve Jobs, the man behind the success of Apple Inc. changed the entire paradigm of living with his innovative and creative thoughts. However, without the support of his team of hard working and efficient employees’ abilities, it would have been impossible to incorporate and accomplish his ideas successfully. Therefore, in effect teamwork is extremely essential in order to accomplish the mission and goals of an organization.

In the present day world, it is next to impossible to survive in a workplace by being a master of one trade or even ‘jack of all trades’ unless an individual is inept to work as a team. Another crucial point that team members need to note is trust and respect for one another which is extremely important. Moreover, the success of a team also depends on the characteristics of a team’s leader. The brawl that had happened in the recent past with the noted television comedian Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover (known popularly as Guthhi). The success of the comedy show “Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma” lost its charm as the central character of the show are missing. No wonder the team leader has enough potentialities, but how long it is possible for him to be successful in pulling up the show’s TRP.

Even in an academic administration, the utmost challenge is to find the right set of administrators who have a passion for making a difference in the higher education or rather professional education. Academicians these days are willing to go beyond the conventional wisdom and willing to challenge the current situation for a dynamic and industry specific future for their students. Some of the universities across the globe are forging this new path with a great combination of administrators vis-à-vis academicians.

Few of the vital reasons to understand the significance of teamwork in a work place are :

(a) Team motivates unity in the workplace
(b) Team provides different perspectives as well as offers feedback
(c) Improved efficiency and productivity is possible to attain with a collaborative and supportive team
(d) Team provides active engagement and learning opportunities and above all
(e) Team promotes workplace synergy and allows to feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

Minus the ability to work successfully in a team environment can impede on the success of developing, formulating and implementing innovative ideas. The synergy of individuals is a brilliant instrument which brings glory at workplace.

People, the fifth P as we say in “Marketing” are the most important resource of an organization. Needless to say a business leader needs to pay utmost attention and nurture such significant resource of an organization. The stakeholders or precisely speaking, customers, can be happy only if the people of an organization are happy and improved productivity can happen only when there is apposite synergy among individuals.

VITTIYA SAKSHARTA ABHIYAN (VISAKA) – A Campaign for Digital Economy


Taking cue from Modi Governments initiative on cashless economy  , IILM also encouraged its students and faculty members to not only adopt digital payments methods in their day to day life but also try educating at least 10-12 people around their neighborhood to start using these methods.

I have taken a session with our under graduate and post graduate students on this subject and train them on various methods of digital payments.

  1. USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)
  2. AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)
  3. UPI(Unified payment interface)
  4. POS(Point Of Sale)
  5. Credit/Debit cards
  6. E Wallets
  7. Micro ATMs
  8. Internet banking
  9. Mobile banking
  10. Ru Pay cards

Two team of students are specifically assigned the task to educate people in nearby villages about these methods and also encourage them to adopt to new technology without fear and apprehentions. One of the teams is only comprising of girls under GIRL UP club to approach women in areas with high concentration of BPL families and educate them,because if a women is educated whole family becomes educated.img-20161222-wa0014